The Walking Dead: 400 Days

The Walking Dead 400 Days Free Download

July 11, 2013 American company Telltale Games developed and published an additional sixth episode to its video game The Walking Dead in the genre of adventure. Based on the popular series, the game quickly found its fans, prompting developers to release an addition called 400 days.

Release Name: The Walking Dead 400 Days
Release Date: 2013
Version: Full Game
File: Torrent
Platform: Microsoft Windows (for PC)


Developer(s): Telltale Games
Publisher(s): Telltale Games
Genre(s): Action Adventure Point-and-click
Video review

The Walking Dead: 400 Days review

The episode consists of six stories. The Walking Dead 400 days Free Download. The players decisions taken in past episodes will have little impact on the development of the plot. Each story can be played in any order, however, the player will still have the opportunity to see how the world is collapsing as a result of a large zombie apocalypse and will learn how these stories are interrelated.

All the events in the episode take place on the Georgia Highway. The first story tells about Vince, who killed a stranger and escaped a bus with prisoners. The second story tells about Wyatt - a hippy who hide in the forest to escape the "walking". The third story is about the graduate of the university - Russell, who is trying to survive alone. The fourth story will tell about Bonnie - suffering from drug addiction and quarreling with her detachment of survivors. The fifth story tells about Shel, who is trying to protect her sister - Becky. In the sixth story, Tavia will invite all the heroes of the past stories to join the squad of the survivors. Depending on the decisions of the player, they either accept her offer, or refuse. Screenshots
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2200+
  • Memory RAM: 1.5 Gb
  • Storage: 4.23 GB
  • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600 or ATI Radeon HD 2600
  • The Walking Dead: 400 Days
  • Episode 1 - A New Day
  • Episode 2 - Starved for Help
  • Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead
  • Episode 4 - Around Every Corner
  • Episode 5 - No Time Left
Features RePack
  • Version: Season 1 v.
  • Tablet: not required
  • Type: License by GOG
How to install The Walking Dead: 400 Days game
  1. Disable antivirus software! He can delete the necessary files for the game!
  2. Download the torrent and run the torrent client
  3. Wait for the game to load
  4. Open the folder with the game and run “setup_walking_dead_season_1_2.1.0.5.exe” then "setup_walking_dead_400_days_2.0.0.1.exe"
  5. Follow the instructions of the installer
  6. Play and enjoy!
    * The game language can be changed in the game interface!!!

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Free Download Torrent

Date TorrentDownloadSize
15 October 2020
The Walking Dead 400 Days.torrent
13 278 4.23 GB
Rating: 4.4/5 (5 voted)
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Comments (3)
  1. 10/8/2020 Damien_XIII Like 2 To quote Reply
    Hey, Gid, Is this game updated to it's latest version + is "400 Days" downloadable content included with this.....?????
    1. 10/15/2020 Gid Like 1 To quote Reply
      I updated the game to the latest version
  2. 05/16/2021 ASR Like 1 To quote Reply
    hei gid, the game cant be downloaded. It stuck when "connecting to peers" and never downloading
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