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Painkiller: Resurrection is the third addition to the original Painkiller: Baptized with Blood game, released in 2009. Events in the game revolve around protagonist Wilm "Bill" Sherman - a professional killer who died in an explosion from his own explosives during an anti-terrorist operation.
However, civilians on the bus also died in the explosion, in connection with which the main character ends up in Purgatory, from where the female angel Elohim helps him get out.

Release Name: Painkiller Resurrection
Release Date: 2009
Version: Full Game
File: Torrent
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC)


Developer(s): HomeGrown Games
Publisher(s): DreamCatcher Interactive
Genre(s): Action First-person shooter
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Painkiller: Resurrection review

The plot of the add-on is non-linear and has several endings, which allows you to complete the game several times with different results. The player has to make his way to liberation, listening to the voice of an angel and destroying the ferocious demons. On the way to salvation, he comes across an Astaroth with a proposal to unite together, but Bill does not agree.
When the game introduces the player to the angel Ramiel - the owner of Purgatory, the truth is revealed to him that Ramiel is a traitor and wants to enslave Purgatory along with Astaroth. In the final battle, the main character defeats both opponents, but is faced with a difficult choice, which affects the outcome of all events.
Thus, the game has 3 endings: bad, good and alternative. The gameplay is no different from the gameplay of the original game - the player will have to fight with crowds of enemies who were not subject to any changes, and win, moving from one location to another. The weapon remained the same with the exception of two - an improved gun and an alternative burning cylinder for detonation in a large radius. Screenshots
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV (2.8 GHz) or AMD Athlon 64 3200+
  • Memory RAM: 1.5 GB
  • Storage: 6 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or AMD Radeon HD 2600
Features RePack
  • Tablet: Not required
  • Type: License

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