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Sleeping Dogs was released on April 14, 2012. The game is a mixture of action, ranking and RPG. The game was developed by two companies: Canadian United Front Games and British Square Enix Europe. The publisher was Japanese company Square Enix.

Release Name: Sleeping Dogs
Release Date: 2012
Version: Full Game
File: Torrent
Platform: Microsoft Windows (for PC)


Developer(s): United Front Games
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Genre(s): Action Adventure
Video review

Sleeping Dogs review

In contrast to the famous analogue of the game - GTA, in Sleeping Dogs Free Download, the emphasis is on oriental martial arts. You can and have to shoot, but there is more fighting in the game. You can pump the character in three directions: Police, Triad and Authority. Pumping the police branch is responsible for improving shooting and performing stunt tricks. The Triad's branch is responsible for new techniques of hand-to-hand combat. A line of authority is responsible for additional skills that facilitate the gameplay.

The video game is presented in the best traditions of the militants directed by John Woo. The protagonist of the game is an agent of the Hong Kong police - Wei Shen who works under the guise. He is a master of the techniques of martial arts, he has excellent driving skills and shoots perfectly from any firearm, in general he is an ideal policeman. Coming back to Hong Kong from San Francisco, he is given the task - to be implanted in one of the largest groups of gangs of the Hong Kong - Triads and destroy it. In the course of this task, Wei will constantly face a moral dilemma, between loyalty to his badge and loyalty to his friends and even to the girl. Screenshots
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 Ghz) or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+
  • Memory RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 9.66 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or AMD Radeon HD 3870 or 512 Mb or DirectX 10
  • Community Gift Pack
  • Deep Undercover Pack
  • Dragon Master Pack
  • Drunken Fist Pack
  • Gangland Style Pack
  • Ghost Pig Pack
  • GSP Pack
  • High Resolution Texture Pack
  • Just Cause 2 Pack
  • Law Enforcer Pack
  • Matrial Arts Pack
  • Monkey King Pack
  • Movie Masters Pack
  • Nightmare In North Point
  • Police Protection Pack
  • Retro Triad Pack
  • Screen Legends Pack
  • Square Enix Character Pack
  • Street Racer Pack
  • Tactical Soldier Pack
  • The High Roller Pack
  • The Red Envelope Pack
  • The SWAT Pack
  • Top Dog Gold Pack
  • Top Dog Silver Pack
  • Triad Enforcer Pack
  • Valve T-Shirt Pack a.k.a.Team Fortress pack
  • Wheels of Fury
  • Year of the Snake
  • Zodiac Tournament
Features RePack
  • Version: Definitive + Limited Editions Pack [Update 1/v. 2.1.437044]
  • Tablet: (3DM/LumaEmu)
  • Type: RePack by FitGirl
How to install Sleeping Dogs game
  1. Disable antivirus software! He can delete the necessary files for the game!
  2. Download the torrent and run the torrent client
  3. Wait for the game to load
  4. Open the folder with the game and run “Setup.exe”
  5. Follow the instructions of the installer
    Attention!!! If any of you then the game stops installing, start the installation again and uncheck the installation of additional software.
  6. Play and enjoy!

Sleeping Dogs Free Download Torrent

Date TorrentDownloadSize
30 November 2020
109 077 9.66 GB
Rating: 3.7/5 (24 voted)
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Comments (35)
  1. 01/21/2019 eyad Like 6 To quote Reply
  2. 05/1/2019 devil4784 Like 4 To quote Reply
    playing game
  3. 01/5/2020 kingsley Like 3 To quote Reply
    i cant download thee game
  4. 06/5/2020 fana Like 3 To quote Reply
    mmm it looks good.
  5. 06/12/2020 Shma Like 2 To quote Reply
    i can't open the games..when i click can't me please
    1. 06/14/2020 Gid Like 2 To quote Reply
      the game does not start after installation? or can not you install?
  6. 06/26/2020 Damien_XIII Like 2 To quote Reply
    Is this regular version or The Definitive Edition.....??????
    1. 06/26/2020 Gid Like 1 To quote Reply
      This is the Definitive Edition

      But there is a new version of the game, Limited Editions Pack, today I will add an update
      1. 06/26/2020 Damien_XIII Like 1 To quote Reply
        This would be very grateful.....

        But, Please check the "Games Order Desk". I have a request to add a lot of games there.....

        Also, I have sent some ideas for site development to your inbox. Please check that too.....

        Thank You.....
        1. 06/26/2020 Gid Like 1 To quote Reply
          I would like to add the games that you requested as quickly as possible, but in order to publish the game I need to write a review, and this is not as fast as I want.

          I read your message, I'm already working on adding improvements.

          Thank you for your advice.
  7. 06/26/2020 Gid Like 2 To quote Reply
    The game has been updated to the latest version v. 2.1.437044 + 30 DLCs (Limited Editions Pack). New DLCs added to the game. Enjoy the game!
  8. 06/27/2020 Light Like 2 To quote Reply
    can it run on 32-bit pc?
    1. 06/27/2020 Gid Like 2 To quote Reply
      Most likely, you need to try.
  9. 07/5/2020 Jay Like 1 To quote Reply
    I also installed the limited edition
    And now its divided in two, the LE (limited edition) and the DE (definitive edition). Why are they separated and what should i play the LE or the DE?
    And do the DE also contain the DLCs?
  10. 07/15/2020 Leo Like 1 To quote Reply
    Can you play this game without buying it at steam?
    1. 07/15/2020 Gid Like 4 To quote Reply
      Yes, the game is not necessarily to buy in steam. But if you liked the game, it’s better to buy a game to support the developer. Do you have any problems installing the game?
  11. 07/17/2020 Steeven Like 2 To quote Reply
    hi, please i see a small file where it says "verify BIN files before installation" then i check how?
    1. 07/17/2020 Gid Like 1 To quote Reply
      yes, of course you can check. This checks the integrity of the game files.
  12. 07/17/2020 Steeven Like 2 To quote Reply
    there is an error in the installation, I am told: Download failed: the name or address of the server could not be resolved. check your connection and try again to try to download the files again
  13. 07/18/2020 Jeff Like 0 To quote Reply
    the game works but very slowly
    1. 07/20/2020 Gid Like 3 To quote Reply
      maybe the video card is weak or the processor?
  14. 08/7/2020 Emi Like 0 To quote Reply
    It works on windows 10?
  15. 09/4/2020 DLL Like 0 To quote Reply
    can't run the game, steam_api64.dll is missing. Where can i get it?

    thanks in advance
    1. 09/5/2020 Gid Like 1 To quote Reply
      this means that the antivirus has blocked the game files. Try disabling your antivirus and downloading the game again.
  16. 10/10/2020 Achimi Like 0 To quote Reply
    Is watch dogs 1 good and working from this site?
  17. 11/28/2020 Ghalib Like 0 To quote Reply
    "The procedure entry point SteamUserStats could not be located in the dynamic library D:\Games\Sleeping Dogs Pack\DE\sdhdship.exe." this message pops up and the game doesn't open. Please help!!!
  18. 12/5/2020 Nour Like 0 To quote Reply
    it displays failed to download : error 404: files not found whenever i try to run the setup.. pls help
  19. 12/6/2020 riel Like 0 To quote Reply
    the games is dope but it cant download i dont why maybe someone can assist me with this
  20. 01/28/2021 machel Like 0 To quote Reply
    can i play this game on pentium gold process & intel UHD 610 graphic cad & 6_bit
  21. 04/3/2021 Kay Like 0 To quote Reply
    I just wanna say Thank you so much for making my lonely time greatful by uploading games to play <3
  22. 04/21/2021 altheasonza Like 2 To quote Reply
    thankyou so much it worked
  23. 05/2/2021 Niko Like 0 To quote Reply
    file 404 is not found error
  24. 06/1/2021 naruto Like 0 To quote Reply
    game automatically closing when i start the main story
  25. 11/25/2021 jj Like 0 To quote Reply
    how to access zodiac tournaments?
  26. 12/1/2021 jj Like 0 To quote Reply
    sloved the problem
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