Need for Speed: Most Wanted


Need For Speed: Most Wanted is an arcade car racing game developed by EA Canada. The game went on sale in 2005. The events unfold in the fictional town of Rockport, where you can freely move around, exploring every turn.

Release Name: Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Release Date: 2005
Version: Full Game
File: Torrent
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC)


Developer(s): EA Black Box
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts, Inc.
Genre(s): Racing
Video review

Need for Speed: Most Wanted review

Players will take part in street races to return their favorite BMW M3 GTR car, which in the past was tricked by another racer, Razor. To find relevant races, you need to drive around the city and look for icons, by their appearance you can understand what type of races will be. You can also find competitions by opening the map. In the previous part of the series, players had to necessarily go to the venue of the competition, but now you can choose a race while in the garage.

While driving around the city, you can find available garages, shops with spare parts that open as you progress, and much more. There are also radars that give an additional rating if you drive past them at a certain speed.

The game has the main story mode "Career", it has a "Black List", which includes 15 riders. To call Raizor to the race, you must fight with all the participants and take first place in the list. Before calling a driver from the list, you need to gain experience and rating by participating in other races and running away from the police. After defeating someone from the list, the player can choose two of the six rhombuses, which contain money, car parts, tuning items, solving problems with the police and the boss's car.

In addition to the "Career", you can select the "Pursuit" mode, where players have to complete missions with police chases. With each completed task, the game becomes more difficult, but it becomes possible to choose a new car.
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphics: 512 MB
  • Storage: 2.15 GB
Features RePack
  • Version: v. 1.3 Black Edition
  • Tablet: (RELOADED)
  • Type: License
How to install Need for Speed: Most Wanted game
  1. Mount the image using Daemon Tools, Alcohol. Install the game. Keys for installation in Serials.txt.
  2. Run "nfsmwpatch1.3.exe" from the NFSMW_Patch_1.3 folder to update the game to version 1.3.
  3. Copy the "speed.exe" file from the NFSMW_Crack_1.3 folder to the installation directory.
  4. Copy the "GLOBAL" folder from the ... NORMAL_TO_BLACK_EDITION ... folder to the installation directory.

    * If the game does not start on Windows 7, and rundll32 hangs in the processes. What you need to do to avoid this:

    1. In the registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Classes \ Local Settings \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ GameUX \ Service Location"
    in the "Games" parameter, replace - with "localhost".
    2. After that, most of the old games, including this one, will stop hanging.

    * For widescreen resolution, you need to download "Widescreen Fix" (from this page) and place the contents of the archive in the folder with the game installed

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Free Download Torrent

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06 August 2020
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06 August 2020
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  1. 02/21/2021 STRONIX Like 0 To quote Reply
    I think you must upload videos how to download it how to prevent crash how to fix widescreen.
  2. 04/11/2021 Joe mama fat lol Like 4 To quote Reply
    can you give me a clear instruction for the installation cus i dont really get the instruction on how to install thing pls gid of games i cant find the image that i need to mount

  3. 06/28/2021 abubakar Like 1 To quote Reply
    bro, please give me clear instruction for install this game...i cant install the program the way you sugested..
  4. 02/9/2022 Roles Like 0 To quote Reply
    umm gid there's no GAMES in my service location therefore i can't change it to localhost there's just default
  5. 06/27/2022 Baranidharan Like 0 To quote Reply
    bro it was waste it gives dll error
  6. 11/11/2022 prokid Like 0 To quote Reply
    one of the very best games l have ever played
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