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HellSign is an isometric Action RPG by Ballistic Interactive, published on February 25, 2021. In the role of a hunter for otherworldly forces, the player will explore the places of mysterious and brutal murders.

Release Name: HellSign
Release Date: 2021
Version: Full Game
File: Torrent
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC)


Developer(s): Ballistic Interactive
Publisher(s): Ballistic Interactive
Genre(s): Action
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HellSign review

In an inconspicuous van, the hero arrives at a location that the police have already visited, but something is still prowling in the dark. Using various equipment, the man will have to find evidence and understand who lives here.

The gameplay can be conventionally divided into three parts. Exploration is carried out using tools. The first will be an EMF scanner that responds to anomalies and emits characteristic sounds that should be used to navigate. But you won't be able to go through the whole game with him, since each monster leaves different traces and interferes with the operation of different devices. This forces you to spend money on new equipment.

When the main culprit is identified, it becomes possible to lure him out and the subsequent battle with him. The combat system is not complicated: the cursor is aimed, and you can avoid damage by dodging or simply running away.

The arsenal at HellSign is quite extensive and is represented by samples of firearms, traps, an ultraviolet lamp and more. In addition to the boss, ordinary opponents also roam the locations: giant spiders, centipedes, spirits, ghouls and others. Each of them has its own strengths and vulnerabilities, which must be taken into account in order to defeat them. However, it is not necessary to kill the leader: if it turns out that he is too strong, then it is worth selling the evidence, and then others will come to deal with the creature.

In the bar (local hub), the third part of the gameplay takes place: trading, upgrading equipment, communicating with NPCs and receiving assignments. Quests are divided into two types: story and side quests. The tasks usually boil down to scouting and exorcising the entity, but sometimes they ask you to find a specific item. A monetary reward is given for their fulfillment. Screenshots
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.4 ghz (or equivelant AMD)
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics: Mid Range Card
  • Storage: 1.27 GB
Features RePack
  • Version: v.
  • Tablet: Is present (CODEX)
  • Type: License
How to install HellSign game
  1. Disable antivirus software! He can delete the necessary files for the game!
  2. Download the torrent and run the torrent client
  3. Wait for the game to load
  4. Mount an image "codex-hellsign.iso" using a drive emulation program (Alcohol 120%, UltraISO or Daemon Tools - on Windows 10 .iso images are mounted without extraneous programs)
  5. Follow the instructions of the installation program, ignoring possible anti-virus protection warnings.
  6. Copy the contents of the CODEX folder from the image to the game folder with the replacement of files.
  7. Play and enjoy!
    * The game language can be changed in the game interface!!!

HellSign Free Download Torrent

Date TorrentDownloadSize
16 July 2021
11 994 1.27 GB
Rating: 5/5 (1 voted)
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