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Driv3r is a game similar in genre to Grand Theft Auto, that is, an action game. It is the 3rd game in the Driver series. Developed by Reflections Interactive and released by Atari. The project was released in 2004.

Release Name: Driv3r
Release Date: 2005
Version: Full Game
File: Torrent
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC)


Developer(s): Reflections Interactive
Publisher(s): Atari
Genre(s): Action
Video review

Driv3r review

The plot of the game tells about the service of a police officer who was assigned an international mission. Car thefts are occurring on a large scale. The player will help him, namely, he will need to go through 26 missions related to the investigation of car thefts.

The user will visit 3 locations where the action of the game will unfold: Miami, Nice and Istanbul, which opens after completing missions in the first two locations. Moreover, the first two dozen tasks will be performed in Miami and Nice, which means that the player must spend the main part of the gameplay there.

A feature of Driv3r is the change in the time of day and weather. This is done for more realism during playthrough, although this feature is not dynamic. The user is provided with missions of various types: from stealing cars to hiring the designated characters. In any case, the player will not get bored during the gameplay.

Some missions play key points in the plot. For example, the user will have to infiltrate the South Beach gang and complete the grouping tasks. But at one point everything will change when the protagonist named Tanner is declassified and they try to kill him. From that moment on, the main character will have to track down and kill the one who violated his plans. How it will end, the player can find out by playing Driv3r.

Unfortunately, this game did not find much success among competitors in 2004. Due to unrealistic physics of people and too high complexity of missions, the score was low. But still, for nostalgia, you should pay attention to this game, because it is the predecessor of the famous Driver: San Francisco. Screenshots
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV 1.4 GHz
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Graphics: 32 MB
  • Storage: 3.21 GB
Features RePack
  • Tablet: Not required
  • Type: RePack
How to install Driv3r game
  1. Disable antivirus software! He can delete the necessary files for the game!
  2. Download the torrent and run the torrent client
  3. Mount an image Driv3r.mds using a drive emulation program (Alcohol 120%, UltraISO or Daemon Tools - on Windows 10 .iso images are mounted without extraneous programs)
  4. Follow the instructions of the installation program, disregarding possible anti-virus protection warnings.
  5. Play!
    * The game language can be changed in the game interface!!!

Driv3r Free Download Torrent

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12 November 2020
8 823 3.21 GB
Rating: 4.8/5 (4 voted)
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