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Curse of the Dead Gods is an isometric RPG from Passtech Games, published on February 23, 2021. The main character, a treasure hunter, entered an ancient temple that served as a burial vault for the once powerful, but today forgotten gods. Having disturbed their peace, he is trapped. The ways back are cut off - all that remains is to move forward, constantly dying and resurrecting.

Release Name: Curse of the Dead Gods
Release Date: 2021
Version: Full Game
File: Torrent
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC)


Developer(s): Passtech Games
Publisher(s): Focus Home Interactive
Genre(s): RPG
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Curse of the Dead Gods review

Apart from the plot, there is no plot in the game. No dialogue, quests, or non-aggressive NPCs. The player must go through the premises of the tomb, fighting opponents, improving equipment, weapons and characteristics of the hero. After defeat, he always finds himself at the entrance.

Pumping and trading takes place at special altars, they are all different and personify certain deities. Some of them can give relics that carry passive bonuses. Infection spreads around the temple, and after each passed room the hero increases its level.

After filling the scale, he teaches curses - up to five in one run. They can both complicate the passage and have a positive effect, but the latter is always especially harmful. Nevertheless, any of them significantly changes the rules of the game: doors are locked, and a fee is required to open, increases damage resistance, but instead of saved health, gold is consumed, and so on.

The combat system in Curse of the Dead Gods is simple, but at the same time requires attention and good reaction. Any attack, block or dodge will consume your stamina. During a repulsed blow, it stuns the enemy, and when dodging, time slows down a little. There are many enemies and they all have their own characteristics and behavior model.

Weapons undergo deep modernization with the help of relics, they add useful effects. The arsenal itself is extensive: all kinds of swords, daggers, axes, hammers, clubs and a number of firearms. Screenshots
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Processor: intel Core i3-2125 (3.3 GHz)/AMD FX-4100 (3.6 GHz)
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics: 2 GB, GeForce GTX 660/Radeon R7 370
  • Storage: 0.67 GB
Features RePack
  • Version: v.
  • Tablet: Sewn (CODEX)
  • Type: RePack by Chovka
How to install Curse of the Dead Gods game
  1. Disable antivirus software! He can delete the necessary files for the game!
  2. Download the torrent and run the torrent client
  3. Wait for the game to load
  4. Open the folder with the game and run “Setup.exe”
  5. Follow the instructions of the installer
  6. Play and enjoy!
    * The game language can be changed in the game interface!!!

Curse of the Dead Gods Free Download Torrent

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24 April 2021
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